How to kill Ratmiral

You are tired of dying in some final boss and they tell you that you are very low level or you do not have five players to help you? Do not worry,we have a solution to eliminate that annoying rat.

Follow the instructions below!


The confrontation consists of advancing through three rooms and each one of them there is a ratmiral commanders and each one of them by losing 50% of hit points will disappear to return in the final battle with Ratmiral Blackwhiskers, when he loses 50% of hitpoints.


1.-In the rooms there is a great damage of the life leech type caused by the Pirats Artillerist.

Thats why it is necessary to use the Necklace of the Deep and the players must take some distance from each other.

One explosion can damage you 1000 of hp and if you dont have the necklace you may die. Dont ever forget the necklace have 50 charges and you may keep your eyes on it so you wont die

2.-Some Smelly Cheese appear in the rooms, do not go near them because they have great damage that scales over time.


When entering the room the first thing is that everyone uses some Utori Spell (utori kor, Utori san, Utori pox) on Rateye Rick since he can be made invisible, he has damage of approximately 1000 hp per turn. He is a ranged attacker so the knight has to use EXETA RES and attract him to the south, surround him and he is positioned to the south.

A member of the team has to move a rum barrel towards the door that is to the north of the room, so that it damages the door when it is destroyed. There are two ways to achieve this:

1.-one is for a player to stay close to the barrel and the life leech will destroy it;

2.-the second is to chase Rick so that when he passes over the barrel he explodes it;

It is advisable to kill the monsters that appear in the room to facilitate the work (they damage around 500 hp), killing Rick is only optional when opening the door he will disappear, since it is faster to use it to destroy the Barrels (we need to destroye to barrels).

Now everyone has to go to the north room, they will face Mister Katkiller, the only danger is that he can get you drunk and also summon a Smelling Cheese.

A ladder will appear but be careful the knight has to climb first to the final room. He has to move a bit to the south as you see in the picture. As you can see theres a lot of rats and the last commander.

When 1st Mate Raticus has 50% hp he will disappear and a few seconds later Ratmiral will finally make his entrance, it is important that all players use the water that is to the north to resist the waves of Ratmiral, this will grant you 6 charges and you can only use it if there are no nearby enemies in 3sqm.

When Ratmiral has 50% hp all his commanders will appear to help him, so the best strategy is to go south as shown in the image, ratmiral summons his pet tibianus a parrot, which if we do not kill can help us to block his movements. It is important to position yourself long before they are summoned, if they are together they are very strong and in this way they will not come to south.


Avoid using area attacks to keep tibianus alive.

I manage to kill this boss with my knight 550 and a druid 270, but it all depends on his skills. Prepare your friends to enjoy and have some adventure.

It does not matter if two knights going or only have one druid. A good low level team can do it but I would recommend at least 3 players.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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