Fanatics decoration houses

From today we will be posting your decorations to be immortalized on our site and inspire other players.

A partir de hoy publicaremos tus decoraciones para inmortalizarlas en nuestro sitio e inspirar a otros jugadores.

A partir de hoje estaremos postando suas decorações para serem imortalizadas em nosso site e inspirar outros jogadores.


  • Send us your photo on instagram @tibia_tips or in our email
  • Send us the name of your character, server name and your instagram

Char name: Suzy kill/ Server: Gladera / She made a Ferumbras!

Char name: Magiska Malin/ Server: Antica / The most lovely rose!

Char name: Suzy kill / Server: Gladera/ What a beautiful treasure isle!

Char name: Beba kithy / Server: Dibra / Take a look in this lovely house!

Char name: Jedimind / Server: Wintera / What a cute house!

Char name: Alexeender/ Server: Dibra / At Nazguls Guildhall!

Char name: Luxciffer/ Server: Wintera / Spending tme with his friends!

Char name: Luxciffer / Server: Wintera / Chilling with his friends!

Char name: Dimentia / Server: Antica / What a lovely house!

Char name: Tio kiinho / Server: Harmonia / Showing his new colored carpets!

Char name: Annyyy / Server: Quelibra / What a beautiful wolf!

Char name: Tio kiinho / Server: Harmonia / Training so nicely in his house!

Char name: Gi Gryffindor / Server: Peloria / Enthusiastic of showing us what he looted from Pale Count Boss

Char name: Dumon Von’terryer / Server: Talera / I have to be in a good mood to make decorations, i try to make a detail on my own and i keep trying until gets good!

Char name: Hulito Ironman / Server: Serenebra / Nothing better than a clean beard!

Char name: Milny / Server: Lobera / Ive made this little decoration to the flower month!

Char name: Amy Meow / Server: Firmera / I just wanted a specific purpose, i just want my house to look cute and girly with some cutes items i have!

Char name: Akanni Ruber Da Tank / Server: Unisera / This is the first house i decorate since ive returned 5 years ago!

Char name: Akanni Rude Girl / Server: Astera / Enthusiastic decorator who loves to decorate her friends house!

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