Location: Store

The XP BOOST consists of increasing your character’s percentage of experience by 50%. Its duration is 1 hour. This will be reduced the moment you are hunting or killing any creature.You can acquire 5 XP BOOST per day which will vary in price, becoming a little more expensive.

1- 30 Tibia Coins.

2- 45 Tibia Coins.

3- 90 Tibia Coins.

4- 180 Tibia Coins.

5- 360 Tibia Coins.

Do you want to be able to use 2 XP BOOST with a price of 30 tibia coins (each) in the same day? Make sure you buy a boosts the day before before the server save, connect the next day and you will have your experience bonus intact, go ahead and use it. When you spend it again you go to the store and you can get another experience bonus for only 30 more tibia coins.

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