Black knight Quest

Leave venore from the north-west exit, traveling north-west close to amazon camp.

Stop when you find a large ruined building immersed in the swamp (follow the picture below)

Go down the stairs to the basement of this building. Go to the south end of the basement to find a door and dont forget to bring the key 5010 and after that go ahead down stairs inside. (follow the pic below)


To get the key 5010 you must take a look on the pics below!

Just click where the mark is showing you (look the west picture)

Just click on the dead tree!

After you got your key go way back to basement to reach Black knight!

Follow the cave. The cave splits in 2 direction. Both directions will take you to the same area.

Follow the cave south. Rope up at the end of the path.

Follow the picture below so you can see the way to get inside Black knights room

After getting inside the teleport at north, you gonna finally get into boss room, so go ahead to the south and kill Black knight.

After you killed Black knight it is time for you to collect your rewards! ( follow the pictures below)


You can do this mini quest in tournament so you can have a lil better equipment

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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