Gray Island access

For you who have difficulty accessing gray island we will give you a tip!

The first visitor in Gray island

  • Go to Gray island and follow the pictures below

Now go down the hole and keep following the path

  • Now pass and enter the  Water vortex
  • Once you appear at the other side of the cave you will see gray beach island , use your Rope  on the ground spot.
  • After going up, head north and go to the east and enter a hole ( follow the picture below)

Now go down the hole you have to find a Chest and a strange machine.

Open the chest and receive a paper called (notes and coordinates), follow the picture below!

  • After you got the notes and coordinates then use the soft green chair. (follow the picture below)!

Now you will be sent to Spectulus and ask him about his machine and the Deeplings.

You will say: hi / machine / yes / yes and he will tell you that you can go underwater and give you 150 gp to travel back to the Gray island. (follow the pictures below)

At 4th floor on top you will find Spectulus

After you talked to Spectulus go back to Gray island.

Go to the path but watch out with the mark on the map! Now you go where i marked for you! Follow the pictures below

After you followed all the way step by step now you will see a teleport.

Go pass through the teleport and your acess is finished!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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