Adventures of Galthen Quest


  • Level 250.
  • Access to Bounac.
  • The order of the lion quest.
  • The order of the cobra and the order of the falcon.

You can buy from players or loot in the respawn of the quest.

  • 20 carnisylvan Fingers.
  • 10 carnisylvan Barks.
  • 2 Human Teeth.


  • Royal Bounacean Advisor outfits.
  • Artefact Box (its a container with 32 vol).
  • Galthen´Satchel.(its a container with 32 vol).
  • New hunting spots, new boss.
  • Able to trade with Jhon the Carpenter.
  • Chance to win a Megasylvan Plant.

METHOD: spoiler AlERT.

The quest start in edron and needs to be daytime in the game to do it, because the npc sleep in the night.

Now go to kesar castle and say: Hi–Yselda–Mission–Yes.
Go with Lesh the Seer and say : Hi–Yselda–Yes,
Now go to edron and talk with Spectulus : Hi–Yselda–yes.
Now you go back to Bounac in the south of the isle: click in front of npc and talk Hi–VBOX.
You will be teleported to the bottom of the sea, go to the south and click on the dead tree, you will receive an Artefact box with Galten´s Satchel and notes of galten.
Now go to Innkeeper Alphonse and talk : Hi — Yselda — Yes — Yes — Yes
This notes have the message weaken the final boss

Our mission is to take some items to a cauldron.

You can loot the following items of the monsters inside of this respawn.

  • 20 carnisylvan Fingers.
  • 10 carnisylvan Barks.
  • 2 Human Teeth.

In the next map theres two ways to find the caulderon.

The yellow way and the blue way.


(ignore the red way because it is a trap).

We have a tip for you!

Use exani hur up or down to be fast in the purple circle. ( follow the picture below)

Now you will face Megasylvan Yselda who is marked into the red circle on the map.

Note: You can use exani hur up to be faster!


The fight is pretty easy, but we advice you to bring a team that includes a druid and a sorcerer with the Ultimate healing rune.

When starting the fight you need to write the message DEMIHBOULDR SOMMBHA WITHER to make her vulnerable, then the druid and sorcerer have to take care of the Megasylvan Saplings that are in the 4 corners of the room, they have to heal them during the whole battle while the rest of the team kill the boss.


If one of the Megasylvan Saplings die you failed your mission and u cant get your reward!

Leave the room and use the shortcut that will take you to the surface

Note: Theres a dead tree and you just click on it to be teleported to the surface.

Now go with kesar and say : Hi—Yselda–yes.

There are two possible outcomes of the fight whether you managed to save the Megasylvan Saplings or not:

a) In one case, Kesar will reward you with a tulip to give to Yselda in the next fight. This will reward you with the first addon of your outfit when you talk to Jhon the Carpenter.

b) In the second case if you let Megasylvan Saplings die you wont receive any reward and you have the right to kill the boss again after 20 hours.

Talk to Kesar: HI–Yselda–yes to obtain the new outfit

extra addon and plant.

Jhon the carpenter only appears at night in the lands of tibia , so talk to him and say Hi–Yselda–Yes.
If you are lucky enough to loot a Megasylvan Sapling, you can use an Empty Flower Pot to obtain a Pot with Sylvan Earth and you can use it to obtain a beautiful Megasylvan Plant

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