Aspiring Oracle and Wanted. (Update Kilmaresh Quest).


Kilmaresh quest.(only acces to the doors of cemetery).

Obsidian knife or a knife.


3 Sun mosaics

Access to new hunting ground spots

Able to get Citizen of Issavi Outfit.


To start quest you musto go to kilmaresh find the followig npcs called


b) Narsai.

Now talk to the npc Taya and say : Hi–Oracle–yes
Now talk to the npc Narsai say: Hi–Orcle–yes

Your objective in this mission is to find two parts of an amulet.
The first part is: You need to right click on the barrel as shown in the picture above!
The second part is :You must go to krailos and find Krailos ruins ( follow the picture above)


Follow the path below into the Krailos ruins to reach the sarcophagus

Open the sarcophagus

Now that you have the two pieces in your possession you can make The Eye of Suon.

Go back with Narsai and say: Hi–Oracle–yes. She will give you a Sacramental wine for use on 7 Statues.


a)You need to have The Eye of Suon equipped each time you use the wine on the statues,

b)The amulet explodes when you use it in the final statue.


Follow the pictures below to see the statues!

First statue.
Second statue.
Third statue
Fourth statue
Fifth statue
Sixth statue.
Now go to krailos to hit the last statue
In this part you will take a mirror for the mission “WANTED” to your outfit.
When use the final statue your Eye of Suon will explode.
Nöw go back to issavi and report your mission to the npc Taya and say_ Hi–Oracle–yes
Now she will send you to kill a mini boss in the south ( be careful with the hole ) There is in this room 2 lamasus and 2 sphinix
Report your mission to the npc Taya in issavi and say hi /oracle / yes and enjoy your Sun Mosaic.

wanted (outfit) Quest

Starts in issavi with the npc Eshaya talk to him: Hi–Wanted–yes.

He will send you to talk with Kalimae
After you find Kalimae say : Hi–Wanted–yes. _( follow the picture above)

Now you gonna need an Ivori Mask and the mirror that you found in the previous mission.

Note: You can find the mask using a small emerald in this place ( follow the picture above)
Now you will need the mask, the mirror and a tool (it can also be a knife or obsidian knife).
Use the mirror on the fire.
Stay in front of the statue and with the mask equiped use your tool in the mirror.

Report your mission for Enshaya and say Hi–Wanted–yes.

After that he will send you to kill 3 miniboss. ( follow the pictures below)

First boss is near to the boat.
Second boss in the cemetery tombs down two floors and go to the south crosing the doors..
The third boss is in the new respawn you can go using the passage between krailos and issavi that we saw previously or run through issavi which is more dangerous .
After you killed the mini bosses go report your mission to Eshaya and say : HI–Wanted–yes. and enjoy your reward!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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