Sweet Tooth

• Obtainable by Baking 10 Chocolate Cakes.

• Note: You can’t put a candle on it.

How To make a chocolate cake?

To make cake, you need..

Bar of chocolate

Head to ab’dendriel to Buy the milk (follow the image below)

Now follow the path to the npc that sells you the item.

Talk to the npc Brasith Hi – Trade – yes

Use a Scythe or a Squeezing Gear of Girlpower to cut bunches from the wheat field.

Grab a bucket and transfer the milk, right clicking from the milk bottle to take it to the bucket with the left click. Then use the flour in the milk to turn it into a cake batter.


Be careful! This bar can be ingested!


To obtain the achievement “Sweet Tooth” you must need to bake 11 chocolate cakes!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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