the dishes (ingles)

The dishes are foods that our character can consume and which provide him with different advantages, with very different applications in the game.

The most famous of these are those that regenerate all our hp and mana, of which it goes without saying, you should always carry one in your backpack for a moment of crisis, which despite its price could save our lives and therefore save our money and also implicit expenses that this entails.

In my experience as a gentleman I would advise you to have at least one of each version since being an RPG game the more prepared for a different circumstance the greater your survival probability and the greater the benefit in any circumstance.

For example, sometimes it is not necessary to fill up all the hp, it is enough with what a pot of blackjack benefits you and this has the opportunity to be used 3 times unlike a cupcake or a rotworms stew. Sometimes you just need a little mana and it would be better to just use a meal of hirelings.

We also have the ones that increase our skills and speed, these are the ones most forgotten by the players and many times you can find them at low prices due to the fact that using certain magics they cancel their application. However, many situations are quite useful since for example those of melee ability are usually cheaper than using rings and plasma amulets, you would need two of each for an hour of hunting and a meal could give you the same skills even for a lower price, which you could take advantage of to use other types of rings without losing damage or better yet having double damage benefit.

We must also mention how a great advice is the magical level foods which greatly increase the healing capacities of all vocations although in my experience as a knight. I feel that these vocations are the most benefited which could influence you in a very considerable way, that means your hunts. I invite you to try it yourself in different types of hunts I promise you will not be disappointed since each turn you will heal more effectively for an hour which will save you potions of hp and maybe stop depending on the druid. Even so I must admit that the price of these tends to rise, but as one more tip you can get the cheapest version by buying it from a hireling either their own or borrowed that has the skills of a cook.

We can get all these dishes in 3 ways:

From the npc Jean Pierre in the hot cuisine event, which are the most powerful and therefore more expensive, I recommend you to buy the dishes at this time to use them all over the year,

A Hireling either yours or from a friendly neighbor with cook skills at the price of 15k each will give you the dishes randomly but in the vast majority of times he will be able to give you a choice between the foods that provide skills which in my case I would prefer the magic level which give you 3 skills.

These are some tips and explanations that we hope will be very useful to you and remember there are no bad equipment or definitive guides, rather there are different applications for all the circumstances that may arise in the game, so you must always be prepared and it is your decision to choose which best suits in your style.

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