Threatened Dreams Quest Access

For those of you who have doubts about this acess, here are some tips on how to make the threatened dreams acess!


Money for travel (about 6k)

To start the quest go to Ab’dendriel and find the npc Alkestios (follow the pictures below)

After you found the npc Alkestios say hi / mission / yes

In this mission you must go to venore and find the Poachers cause they are superstitious , so he asks you to go to their camp north of the Green claw Swamp and find that can be used agaisnt them.


You dont have to take the boat in ab’dendriel. Just follow the path we have for you here below!

When you get in front of Green Claw Swap, go down to the top floor. To the south of this floor you will find a room and chest , use it to get a book with old legend. ( follow the picture below)

With the book in hand, if you talk to the npc Alkestios , he wil ask you to find someone who can tell a story about the white deers.

Go to the npc Ahmet in Ankrahmun and ask him about “book”. ( follow the picture below)

Now there you are with the npc Ahmet say hi / book / yes


The book cost 5,000 gps!

After that, go back to the Poachers camp and use the book on the table next to the chest you got him from.

Now return to Alkestios to report your mission and he will give you another mission

Now Alkestios will send you to venore to talk to the npc Ikassis.

She knows more about the wolf so seek her out in the north-west of Edron, near a circle of standing stones. (follow the pictures below)

After you found Ikassis talk to him and say hi / mission / yes and he will a Fae Talisman!

Ikassis will tell you travel to Cormaya and head south until you find the npc Ghostly wolf


It is a ghost you can only find it at night! (follow the picture below)

Now that you found the Ghostly wolf talk to her hi / mission / yes.

Go to Ulderek’s Rock and look for news , you will find a Sleeping war wolf and the body of a skeleton, right click to get Notes of a Poacher. ( follow the pictures below)

Now that you got the note, go to venore and look for the npc Irmana and ask her about fur!

She will offer you a fur of a wolf whelp for 1000 gps.

Tell Irmana Hi / fur / yes ( follow the pictures below)

After you get the Fur of the whelp with Irmana go back to the ghostly wolf and use the Fur of a wolfon the stone with tears ( follow the picture below)

Now talk to Ghostly Wolf about hi / mission.

Now go back to Edron and report your mission to the npc Ikassis.

After you reported your mission , now go southeast until you find the npc A Swan and ask for a mission… say hi / mission / yes.

She will tell you her secret that shes not a swan and she needs a magical sawn feather cape. (follow the picture below)

Now that you’ve asked the Sawn for mission you should talk to Tereban

Go to npc Tereban and tell him hi / cloak.. ( follow the pictures below)

Now that you’ve talked to Tereban it is time to get the 5 pieces of swan cloak ( follow the pictures below)


The first cloak it is in Edron

The other 4 cloack are in Darashia ( follow the pictures below)

Once you find the feathers , return to the npc A Sawn and report your mission saying hi / mission / yes

Now report your mission to Alkestios and he wil tell you that you can use the elemental shrines ( fire shine , ice shrine, energy shrine and earth shrine)


All shrines are located in all cities and using a small amethyst ( energy) , small emerald (earth) , small ruby ( fire) or small sapphire ( ice) will teleport you to a part of Feyrist Island

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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