For you who have doubts how to cut the sugar cane and how to make this achievement stay tuned!

First of all go to Liberty bay and get your Fire bug here ( folllow the picture below)


After you got a Fire bug you must buy a sickle to cut the cane!


The sickle can be bought in Liberty Bay on the right side of the shovel store!

Now go to the north west of Liberty Bay and you will find Bunch of Sugar cane ( follow the pictures below)

Now use the Fire bug on a Sugar Cane to burn the useless leaves. ( follow the picture below)

Now use the Sickle to cut it and collect the Bunch of Sugar Cane ( follow the pictures below)


After using 50 Bunch of Sugar Cane on a Distilling Machine you will gain the achievement Homebrewed!


a) To make this achievement a little faster you use the three machines one at a time otherwise it wont work!

b) They cannot be used after a few seconds, so you gotta wait a little

c) After using all 50 Bunch of Sugar Cane you finally will get your achievement ( follow the pictures bellow)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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