Meriana Acces Quest

For those of you who have difficulty and don’t know how to make this access here are some tips



-Parcels ( if you are level 8)


First go to Liberty Bay and find the npc Eleonore and say hi / ring / yes ( follow the picture below)

After you talked to Eleonore you must find her ring ( follow the pictures below)


Dont forget to bring your Rake!


When you use the Rake on the tree your ring might fall in the floor , so stay tuned and do not forget your ring behind!

Now that you got the ring, go back to Eleonore and say hi / ring / yes / yes

She will tell you about the errand and you have to take a little money to Charlotta ( follow the picture below)

Say Charlotta hi / errand / yes

Now that you’ve talked to Charlotta she will tell you to go back to Elonore and tell her a secret password called “peg leg”

Go to Eleonore and say hi / peg leg / yes

Now that you talked to her , your able to go to Meriana!

Find the Captain Waverider at south east of Liberty Bay and he will take you to the lovely Meriana Island

Say to Captain Waverider hi / peg leg / yes


After this acess you can make your Blessed Wooden Stake!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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