Interview Under the Sea

Hi guys! we going start interviews with special people i hope you like it!

First of all we want to thank Suzy kill for being our maid of honor for the first interview and that she will tell us about the magical world of decoration in Tibia , come immerse yourself in this lovely magic with us.

We are waiting for you at the bottom of the sea!

Now you can see the full video interview that we did with Suzy kill, this video have 50 photos of her art , we also have below the video the full interview in portuguese, we recomend watch in hd and use subtitle options for your lenguage​​ i hope you like it!


Hi everyone, let’s start our interview section with a very special guest, we are pleased to introduce the Deco Queen “SUZY KILL” without a doubt the best decorator that currently exists in Tibia.

1.-Hi Suzy, tell us a little about yourself for people who don’t know you yet and for those of us who admire your work, let’s know more about the girl behind the monitor.

First of all, it is an honor to be the first guest of the session. I was very happy with the invitation and I thank you from my heart
My name is Suzy and I started playing tibia in 2004 and since then I have always tried to keep Tibia in my life as a hobby.

In recent years, with the pandemic, I had less time for Tibia, after all, I am a mother, I have a house to take care of, a dog, a hamster, a yard with a garden and all the other things that adult life demands.

My main goal in the world is to be a good mother and be present in my child’s life, he will always be my priority.
Besides Tibia, I have several other hobbies, for example cooking! I really enjoy cooking and I make a lot of delicious recipes (that’s what everyone says), with that, a lot of people ask me for orders, so I spend a lot of time also making pies, cakes and sweets for friends, family and neighbors.

I do it with all my heart, but it also keeps me away from the computer and I end up having even less time for tibia. Besides everything, I study Nutrition, and I accompany my son in all his school and sports activities that he has, that is, my time for Tibia is totally scarce.
I often go weeks without logging into Tibia and it doesn’t worry me because that’s how I was able to play the same game 17 years ago faithfully, without ever getting tired of it for a moment and not giving up living real life

2.- Tell us a little about the humble origins of a decorator (joke), how did that passion for Tibian decorations come about?

I always liked to decorate house, as soon as I started the game (in 2004) my focus was always that. Everyone who has played or followed my trajectory in tibia can say that I’ve always decorated houses and that they often didn’t accept it. They always said: “Go level”, “Go quest!”, “But you just do that”… These were phrases that almost everyone has already said to me in the game and the answer will always be the same “I can’t, I’m doing a decor!”. I always have a lot of cool ideas to do in the house and with each new item all the ideas are renewed.

As my time is extremely short for tibia, when I’m on, it’s definitely just for decorating and try to put some of the ideas into practice and do something cool, something that brings happiness just by looking.

3.- Where does your inspiration for your decorations come from, as from time to time you surprise us with something never seen before that normally becomes a trend and how should I say inspires many other players? (I still have a whim for potatoes because of the beautiful waterfall)

Ideas were never lacking, whenever I see an item I imagine several ways I could use it, but as I said before, my problem is time. After all, the longer I stay in the game, the more ideas I can come up with and execute. When I’m decorating, inspiration comes according to what comes to my mind.
Mountain simulation potatoes are an example of this. I really wanted to make mountains near the waterfall I created, so I tried different items until the Potato left a more natural look similar to the stone .Decoration is this: tests!

4.-In your experience, how did you see the evolution in cozy decorations that you liked and didn’t like, since we started with simple furniture in small houses, to pedestals and blood herbs until today with large houses, storage items and the inclusion of hundreds of items?

I’m definitely a person who loves the evolution that Tibia has had in these years. The changes were much more than I expected. I’ve always loved decorating, even when Tibia didn’t have a store or as many item options as it currently has, I used what I had available, just like I do today.

Currently the game has a huge range of options and everything is possible when creating a decoration. I try to create arrangements that have life and that complement each other harmoniously, however, I don’t like Stacks too full of items where you don’t understand what’s there. It has to make sense.

5.- Some players are sometimes shocked (myself included) to see so many good works that they decide not to participate or not to decorate, what words of encouragement and motivation can you say to those who start to decorate?

Decorating is the combination of taste and practice! It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 1000 items, you have to go testing, taking risks and looking for improvement. And something that I consider essential is never to compare your decor with other people’s, everything is a learning process.
Just try to imagine how you would like to do it and gradually try to get as close to that objective dream.

6.- What tips (those secret Suzy tricks) can you give tips to all the little decorators who are starting this beautiful hobby?

My advice for those starting out is: try to train the best combinations. Before saying you’ve finished a decoration, see if you really can’t improve and try to keep improving and adding details, because that’s what will make the difference in the end. Always use the light effect and sort the items in backpacks by color order. This will help memorize the items you have and make it easier to find the perfect fit.

7.- What do you think should be the spirit of a decorator? Since sometimes there are people who more than inspire like to impose their decorations or just show off.

I believe that the spirit of decoration is to make houses and tibia more beautiful, it is to make your house shine through what is on your mind, what you are feeling and inspiring yourself at the moment. It’s putting in the decor what’s on your creative mind!

8.- What is most satisfying when making your decorations?

The most satisfying thing is finding the right item for what I imagine doing! And now a days with the evolution of the game this happens more often, finally!

9.- What can we expect from the Queen of Decorations in the future?

I can’t say for sure, after all life is full of surprises, plans I always have, but I can’t always reach my goals so I can’t promise anything, but I hope I can continue to create interesting and unique things as much as I can!
I’m the one who’s grateful for the opportunity to talk a little about this subject and I hope you’ll grow and for sure it’s another great fan site ready to help the community always!

I made this decoration for tibia Tips based on what I understand about thematic . I hope you like it ❤

suzy kill

Let’s move on to a quick question dynamic, which do you prefer?

-Folda or fibula?

-Thais or venore?

-Old or new school?
Im from the old one but like the new one

-Lady bug or Hibernal Moth?
Lady bug

Non Pvp

– Library or Soul War?

– Store regular items or items?
Store items

-Decoration indoors or outdoors?
Decoration indoors

-Decorate a landscape or create an animal?

-Favorite item?
Amazon Helmet

-How did you get Mc Donalds sponsorship? Haha
Hahhaha the MC owner plays tibia xD.

Thank you so much for joining us and being the godmother of this section, we are very happy !
Who do you want us to interview on the next occasion?

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