Rise of Devovorga

Here we’ll give you some tips for doing the Devovorga event



-Team work;

-Do you need the mission 04: The Dark Lands of Blood Brothers Quest to open the gain access to Vengoth if you want to face Devovorga’s final form


The world Quest starts on September 1sr and ends at the server save on Septembe 7th!

During this time, all players in your world must cooperate in order to succeed!



It is necessary for a player to wake up Devovorga, in order to do so, go to Devovorga’s lair in Vengoth

When you get there, you’ll find a Npc called A Beautiful Girl and say:

hi / Trapped / Trapped

Then while you still inside the lair go ahead and attack Devovorga to awaken her and proceed with the event! (follow the picture below)

stage 2: mini boss.

In this stage your mission is to kill five types of mini bosses!




Level to kill 20 to 40.



Level to kill 40 to 60.



Level to kill 40 to 80.



level to kill 70 or higher



Level to kill 70 or higher


-If you damage is the most higher you will obtain the respective boss “Achievement” ( that means if you kill those 5 bossed and made the most damage you can obtain different Achievements for killin)g different bosses);

-You have to kill only one boss of the 5 bosses when Devovorgas gets defeated!;

-To move to the next stage your server must kill all bosses between a break of 5 minutes and wait till next day. ( follow the pictures below)

Mini bosses free

venore: plains of havoc level 20-40 amonthra.

We recommend you to summon a demon skeleton or fire elemental to help yourself and when you are inside the lair you go in diagonal. ( follow the picture below)

carlin:folda level 40-80 teneshpar.

We recommend you to use energy bomb or energy wall on the ground and a dwarven ring.

This boss is a ghost because of that he doesnt walk in energy and hes weak to elements! ( follow the pictures below)

carlin: ghostlands level 70+ phrodomo.

This boss its the most powerlfull invite a good knight to help you!

Mini bosses premium

darashia: level 40-60 irahsae .

Go with a team for low levels!

Our tip is make a elite knight to block this boss and ask a druid to sio while the rest of the players start attacking the boss! (follow the pictures below)

edron: level 70+ chikhaton.

Our tip is make a elite knight to block this boss and ask a druid to sio while the rest of the players start attacking the boss! (follow the pictures below)

stage 3

If your server has eliminated all the mini bosses, on the next day you will advance to the third stage

After that your server will receive the following message: “The shattered incarnations of Devovorga reassemble step by step. They will rise again sooner or later. Be prepared!”

Now go ahead to Vengoths lair and kill all the Blooms of Doom! ( follow the pictures below)!


Kill the Blooms of Doom but shoot them by distance (DONT STAY CLOSE TO THEM BECAUSE THEY CAN KILL YOU WITH ONE HIT)

After you defeated all of them lot of  Spawns of Devovorga will appear! ( KILL THEM ALL)

stage 4- FiNALLY, dEVOVORGA!


After defeating all the Spawns of Devovorga , we will have to repeat all the process:

-Return to the mini-bosses portals and defeat them all at the same time;

-Return to Devovorga’s lair and destroy the Blooms of Doom again;

-After that you will defeat the Vulnerable Cocoon Vulnerable;

-Only after this process Devovorga will appear and can be defeated.


Here goes a Tip for you!
When facing Devovorga you must retreat to the bridge to the east of the room, so she cannot pass!

After you defeated Devovorga the following messages will appear:

Thanks to the mighty and fearless Tibians who drove Devovorga back into her abyss, your regeneration has been improved.

You made it – Devovorga, the incredibly powerful weapon sealed deep below Vengoth, was destroyed.

Upon her death, energy was released all over the world – the next month, it will boost your health and mana regeneration.”

Congratulations, Tibians!


Now your able to collect your reward:

You can go to the island of Vengoth or you can go to the mini-boss portal from your level range.


You can obtain few achievements during this quest!


-When enter in any mini boss lair you will obtain the achievement “Teamplayer”

-By participating in the death of one of the Mini-Bosses you will obtain the achievement “Slayer of ( the mini boss name)

-By entering in Devovorga’s lair ( she doesnt need to be alive), you will obtain the achievement “Daring Trespasser”!

 -By participating after Devovorga’s is killed, you may receive the achievement “I Did My Part”, only if you havent done yet!

-By making the most damage in a Bloom of Doom, you will receive the achievement “Cocoon of Doom”!

 -By participating in Devovorga’s death, you will recieve the achievement “Devovorga’s Nemesis”!


Last but not least you can use the Stone of Insight for exchanged experience wich equals almost 2 levels!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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