Actions Bar for Survive (knights)


Among the knights I always advise you to choose a good time to use your sumon, as well as to decide how risky the situation is to use the type of food that is necessary (if you want to risk a little and not spend so much or on the contrary not to run any type of risk).

To which the most effective way would be to use a rotworm stew and a straberry cupcake, although in some not-so-difficult circumstances you could get by with a minor meal like pot of blackjack or hirelings as well as mana regeneration foods.

As we saw previously, regardless of the vocation, you always have to have a good amount of Stone skin amulets and might rings, and in this case the vocation that works the most, the ferumbras amulet since regardless of whether you receive 1000 hp or 1000 mana it will take you out. of a bind without a doubt since for a turn and combined with a great exura ico you can regenerate a lot, you know what they say knight mopped without mana equal to dead knight.

How to forget about one of the best changes in the past Update the protective magic better known as utamo tempo which now makes you% 15 resistant to any type of damage that fence is as if you had another might ring but without the disadvantage of the number of charges don’t forget to time its use so you don’t run out of mana and use it again only when the effect ends.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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