Action Bars for Survive (Sorcerer and Druid)


Starting with the Stone skin amulets and might rings essential items that every player should have in their backpack which protect you 80% physical + 80% death with five charges and 20% to all elemental damage with 20 charges respectively which helps you to endure more in many circumstances.

In third place we have the exclusive glooth amulets for magicians and druids, which are similar to the might rings but with 10% element protections and with 20 charges which in many circumstances and accompanied by the might rings can be better than the same Stone skin amulets, taking into account the number of charges and elemental damage of the hunting place and the number of monsters since you only need enough protection to resist with exura vita.

In fourth place we have the amulet ferumbras an incredibly good item that not many players use but that will undoubtedly save you many times, it is worth mentioning that its cost is usually low and has great reuse. This item restores you randomly 1000 points of mana or 1000 points of hp randomly, which in a dangerous situation is not negligible complementing with the rest shown in this advice article.

In fifth place we have the options of utamo vita which it is always good to have some to prolong our life expectancy since combined with the foods that restore our mana they are a great option.

Finally, we must never forget the ones most loved by the old school, the always infallible ultimate healing runes which when you have no mana and you use up all your resources can get you out of a lot of trouble.

Note: Do not forget to use the exura max vita every time it is necessary and have it always in sight so that you are prepared for its annoying cooldown, as well as your summon combined with some mana regeneration food.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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