Balloon Cloth (Decoration Tip)


You can get this item evrey server save!

You gotta hurry or otherwise someone will get this items before you get there


You can only get one Balloon Cloth per day.

Last but not least you can make lovely decorations with this item!


Now ill show you how to obtain this lovely item (follow the pictures below)

We gonna make in two ways: First you will need 50 Rathleton points so you can pass the teleport, if you dont have the points you gotta pass through the creatures camp!

If you dont have the 50 points you after running the whole camp you will appear here! (follow the pictures below)

Now click here and go upstairs! (follow the picture below)

Now follow the pictures below to see where the Balloon Cloth is!


Go to south west to find the Balloon Cloth

Heres the Balloon Cloth

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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