Fire elemental



In PVP can help you a lot to get the damage needed to take down your opponents, and also to spend the charges of rings and protection amulets.

Although its damage seems small, charges are spent per attack and not per damage, moreover in some professions its healing is static so up to 100 more damage, stacking over several turns, will end our enemy’s life.


On a large number of bosses they can be used, on most teams have a sorcerer and a druid, for that you can have 4 elementals, which at a low cost can help you spend less and kill the boss faster

If we take into count that they attack multiple turns with a single summoning expense and for example if among the four elementals they attack 300 damage each turn and the boss requires 40 turns this would give 12,000 damage (This is just an example as they can do more damage than that and most bosses have more turns).

They can also help you catch the boss so he doesn’t move.

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