Here we’ll give you some tips on how to make this wonderful event so come immerse yourself in this adventure with us!

First of all i want to thank the players who contributed with some photos. without them the post would not be possible


This event starts in Thais and consists of a few games so let’s start with: (follow the picture below)

1) The Eating Contest!


This game can be made by 3 till 5 players per time!

Your mission here is to eat the sausages , if you fail to eat the sausages you will be eliminated and you will not earn points!

Now follow the pictures below ( Made by Meowsiita)

2) Whack -an-orc


Can only be done by one player at a time!

This game can be played every 15 min here’s a tip take the hammer and put it on your hotkey to hit the orcs.

The more orc you hit the more points you will get

Now follow the pictures below to see how you do this mission

3) The Great food race


In this mission you can do it alone, with two people or up to 3 people!

You have to take the Food Wagon until the end of the match!


-You don’t have time to lose Here goes a tip!

-Do not walk on the sand floors and on the black floors; walk on the gray floors;

-Do not go near the slowing slime because it will make your Food Wagon slow;

– If your Food Wagon slows down you can use the Front of Refreshment which looks like a water elemental to help you;

-Don’t be focused on picking up the fork;

– Try to get to the finish line quickly


Each Food Wagon after reaching the finish line will receive 15 points , if you go with your friends and you only earn 15 points EVREYONE will receive 15 points If the three of you get 15 points each, EVREYONE will receive all the points!


Smash Nails

Here you have to use Super casks until you get Super Drunked!

After you are Super Drunk you will click on the Nailing Beams.

After that you will earn 5 festive points!


You can do this procedure twice more and get 15 festive points!

Here goes a tip!

You can ask a friend to push you or you can use magic walls (follow the picture below)

Bass fishing!

Arriving at Orcsoberfest Island you will see edges on the right and left, you will find several Fishing rods called Simple Fishing Rod, Stout Fishing Rod and Advanced Fishing Rod.



When you catch the Bass you will earn 10 Festive Points.

 The Great Schnitzel

When the Schnitzel hunt is announced, the Omnious Cauldron will appear at a certain location on the map.

The boss appears in few cities so when you use All Knowing Sausages you can find the boss easy.


You can buy All knowing Sausage from Npc Xaver for 100 festive points!

So after finding the correct city you just gonna step into the teleport!

Now we will show you all the cities and the exact location!

-Ankrahmun: Exit north east

-Ab’dendriel: North from the Npc Alkestios

-Carlin: North west!

-Cormaya: South west from the npc Dedoras

Darashia: North from Darashia

Edron: North from Stonehome

Farmine: North east from stairs

Fibula: east from Fibula

Issavi: Southwest of the south exit

Kazordoon: East from Dragon Lair

Liberty bay: At north

Port Hope: Northeast of the water elemental cave

Rathleton: South west from the npc Roswitha

Svargrond: Barbarians Camp

Thais: Near the Smaralda tent

Venore: Southwest of Riverspring Guildhall

Yalahar: Southeast of the Magician Quarter Staircase

Now that you know all the places where the boss respawns you may now enter in the cauldron and kill the Spawn of the Schnitzel and use the Schnitzel Meat grider on the boss


Each blow will take 250 hp from the boss , each blow on the boss will earn you 1 point when you get 10 points you can enter the teleport of the island where the final boss is located , but if you want you can make 50 points so you have the right to enter 3 times to kill the final boss evrety 24 hours and you can enter anytime on main teleport in Orcsoberfest isle if you waste 10 points.

Challenge with requirements

Do not feed the Porker

This challenge can be repeated evrey 30 minutes!

In this challenge you have to feed the Meager Porker with the following foods:


You have to feed the pig until it gets fat and vulnerable for you to kill it!


-Only the players who feed better the pig will get 25 festive points;

-You have to feed it 300 times to become a Fat Porker.

Mopping Up Vomit!


You can repeat this challenge evrey 15 minutes!

You gonna use a broom on Vomit Puddle and you will earn 1 Festive Points. (follow the pictures below)


After you finished all challenges you will obtain the achievement “Orcsoberfest Welcome”

The Feast

This mission can be done by up to 5 players but the tip is that you can make by up to two players


This mission can be done every hour for 3 times in 24 hours.

Your mission here is to put the ingredients that are on the countertops inside the cauldron.

The npc will speak the name of these ingredients


When you click on the ingredient it goes straight to your backpack so stay tuned and use it in the cauldron.


The npc asks for 5 ingredients at a time (Follow the pictures below)!

Now that you’ve put the ingredients in the cauldron, the Rampaging Beer Elemental will appear

Now you will set the trap and make these elementals pass over the trap and they will become a Captured Beer


Don’t step on the trap because it will close!

Don’t let the elemental attack you because you will lose points!


Take Captured Beer to the north really fast!

After completed this part the King Chuck will appear and you gotta click the barrel close to the npc Orc Cook, after you clicked the barrel it will appear another barrel around the room and you gotta take the king Chuck to hit the barrel around the room!


Dont let the King Chuck attack you, remember you cant lose points or you will be kicked out from the room!

After that you complete all phases and a treasure chest will appear close to the cauldron, kill it fast as you can!


If you are a mage you can use Fire elementals to help!

If you attacked the chest well you will win the 100 festive points!


To get the mounts Blue Rolling Barrel , Green Rolling Barrel and Red Rolling Barrel you need a Beer Tap and the Decorative Blue Shee, Decorative Green Sheet and Decorative Red Sheet!

Decorative Blue Sheet.gif
Decorative Green Sheet.gif
Decorative Red Sheet.gif


keep the decorative sheet in the backpack and use the Beer Tap in the super cask!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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