Soothe Bloom

First of all you need to make the task called Dr Merlay’s Misery!


You dont need the Oramond Quest to make this task!

Go to Oramond and find the npc Roswitha and say hi / pint / yes


You have 9 minutes to find the way till the lab!

Now follow the pictures below to find your way to the lab

When you arrive at the entrance of the lab you will use the pint and will be turned into a Rot Elemental!


When using the pint you will go to north and you will receive an achievement “Elementary, My Dear”

Now go on to the north till you find the Npc Merlay and tell him hi / message / yes (follow the picture below)

Now that you have the Bundle of letters go talk to the Npc Maro right behind the depots building ad and say hi / message / yes ( follow the picture below)

In the same building go upstairs and talk to the npc Alaistar and say hi / message / moment (follow the picture below)

Now go to Oramonds temple and find the npc Azalea and say hi / letter to get your lovely Soothe bloom (follow the picture below)


Doing this quest for the first time you can gain 2 blooms by taking one out of your backpack and talking to npc hi / lost and he will give you another bloom!


You can get a bloom evrey 20 hours with the npc Azalea, just tell her hi / lost and you will get your bloom!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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