Halloween Event

The event starts on october 1 and ends on server save on november 3!


This event consists of two surprises:

  • The first you have to look for The Halloween Hare to turn into creatures;
  • The second you will face The Mutated Pumpkin

The Halloween Hare

The hallowed hare is a halloween bunny that will turn you into a halloween fantasy.

To find him he will be located in rookgar and near the dwarf bridge in Kazordoon!


The Hallowed Hare only appears at October 1!


Dwarf Bridge (near kazordoon)

The Mutated Pumpkin

The Mutated Pumpkin appears every 4 hours randomly in west of Darashia after this message Oh noes! It’s a mutated pumpkin!


The Mutated Pumpkin will respawn untill November 3!

You can find The Mutated Pumpkin in three places (follow the picture below)

After you found The Mutated Pumking smash it The Mutated with your friends!


After you killed The Mutated Pumpkin a portal will open at east of Darashia ( It will be open for 30 minutes) after passed 30 minutes the following message will appear The gate to the Mutated Pumpkin’s resting has closed…for now. The pumpkin is regaining strength and the portal will close! (Follow the pictures below)


  • Only players who have done the most damage will be able to pass through the portal;
  • The player who attacked the most will be able to get both the loot and the reward in the room.


After using the Obsidian Knife for the first time you will receive the achievement “Mutated Presents”

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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