This is a small guide for players to know how to take their photos of the game, some interesting options and how to find their photos inside their pc in order to save those beautiful moments in the game with the best possible quality.


First we will go to the OPTIONS of the client.

Then we will go to CONTROLS and GENERAL HOTKEYS and in the TYPE TO SEARCH FOR HOTKEYS part we will write SCREENSHOT as shown in the image then click on the PENCIL drawing to choose the key that we are going to use to take our photos.

interesting options

Some other important options is that we can activate and disable our mana and hp bars, character name and some other things if we wish for our photos, in the INTERFACE AND HUD section.

In the MISC section and then selecting SCREENSHOT we can activate and disable ONLY CAPTURE GAME WINDOW if you want to take a photo of your entire configuration or only the game window..

You can also change the settings for automatic photos, I do not recommend them in most cases because it can save you hundreds of photos that you do not need and that can get in the way.

how to find your photos

We will right click on our client’s icon and left click on open file location.

In case you are in a test server you would have to open tibiaexternal.

This way you will get to the folder where all your photos will be found with a very beautiful quality.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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