Life Crystals


The life ring is a fairly functional object that has the ability to regenerate mana and life faster for 20 minutes when used, a characteristic that it shares with other items such as the Collar of Green Plasma, the Soft Boots, the Ring of Healing among others.

It can be bought for 1k in Issavi with Khanna, for 900 gps in Edron with Alexander or with Yaman in Ankrahmun, but to talk to him you would need to do the Djinn War Quest – Efreet Faction to enter the fortress of the Green Djins and be able to buy it on the ring for 900 gps with it.

But wait! You can also get it “free” if you have a Life Crystal in your possession, and in this post we will show you what you must do to change the Life Crystals for Life Rings


If you have one or more Life Crystals with you, go to the second floor of the Royal Army Headquarters in Thais, there you will find Captain Chester Kahs and by talking to him you can exchange each Life Crystal you have for a Life Ring

To get the ring, you must tell Chester: hi – Gamel rebel – yes – magic crystal Lugri deathcurse – yes, and he will exchange one of your Life Crystals for a Life Ring, the conversation will be like this

  • Player: hi
  • Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
  • Player: Gamel rebel
  • Chester Kahs: Are you saying that Gamel is a member of the rebellion?
  • Player: yes
  • Chester Kahs: Do you know what his plans are about?
  • Player: magic crystal Lugri deathcurse
  • Chester Kahs: That is terrible! Will you give me the crystal?
  • Player: yes
  • Chester Kahs: Thank you! Take this ring. If you ever need some healing, come here, bring me the ring and ask me to ‘heal’ you.

There are no limits to doing this exchange, but you will have to carry out the conversation with Chester for each Life Ring you want to obtain


We hope this tip is useful to you!

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