• Money to travel.


  • KEY 3800, 3801 Y 3802.
  • 27 COOKIES


  • The keys will give us access to some doors in the KAZORDOON area, for example the dwacatra prison where some missions and events take place


We will start at the KAZORDOON flying carpet since it is a city a bit complicated to understand, you can get to it using any flying carpet in DARASHIA, EDRON, SVARGROND, FERMOR HILLS AND FARMINE.

We will buy tickets to use the city cars to move more quickly.


Follow the maps, use the wagon and it will take you inside the city and follow the path.

Keep moving forward and you will find a room to which we will return after we get the keys, do not forget the way.

Now we will go to the emperor’s room and behind the armor we will find a secret path that will take us to the 3800 key and with this we will open the door of the emperor’s room, we will take the 3801 key and 27 cookies from the chest

Now we will go back all the way before and we will take the key 3802 and we will return more to the room of the wagons, we will use the wagon to the north left and continue on your way.

Use the 3802 key and you will have reached the KAZORDOON prison DWARCATRA.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


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