TIP: Empty Honey Glass


For 250+ players who are doing or want to do the Kilmaresh quest, they should know that there is a point in which we are asked to use 5 Empty Honey Glasses on Honey Palms in order to obtain the 5 Jars of Honey that Narsai asks us in his ingredient list during the quest’s Midnight Ritual quest, this item is semi-rare, and while it is not such a difficult item to loot for lower level players if it is difficult to kill the creatures that drop it, in addition to which in the market can be quite expensive, so in this tip we will show you where you can get at least one Empty Honey Glass daily and totally free!


In the town of Issavi, head to the tavern, located a few steps south-west of the dp, and go up to the second floor, above where Ramina is and below where Moe is.

You will arrive in a room that seems to be a dining room and on the left you will see a small kitchen, where among other things there will be a stove, a wine cask and a box with a frying pan on top, open that box and if you are lucky you can find an Empty Honey Glass inside her!

Important! It is a fact that you will find an Empty Honey Glass after ss, but it may be that in the same day you will find more than one Empty Honey Glass, only that you must remove them one by one from the box so that it appears again there, although we do not know exactly how often the item reappears. The item itself has no other use than getting honey from the Honey Palm, but the Jar of Honey that you get from using it on Honey Palms looks cute and can also serve as a decoration.

We hope this tip will be useful to you!

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