TIP: Mystic Turban


Pieces of Cloth of different colors are used in various quests and to obtain some outfits within Tibia, and Blue Pieces of Cloth are no exception, since 100 are needed for the second addon of the Oriental Outfit, 50 for the first addon of the Assassin Outfit and 1 to wear the Jester Outfits Quest. In addition to looting this item from different monsters, you can exchange each Mystic Turban you have in Irmana for a Blue Piece of Cloth, and in this post we will show you how easy it is!


Head to Venore city and walk to Dress for Success Warehouse, which is located to the south-east of the dp (where worn soft boots can be fixed). Go up one floor and you will find Irmana in a small room.

Talk to her and say “Mystic Turban”, she will ask you if you want her to make a Blue Piece of Cloth from the turban, tell her yes and she will give you the piece of cloth in exchange. The conversation will go like this:

  • Player: Hi Irmana:
  • Welcome to the house of fashion, Player!
  • Player: Mystic Turban
  • Irmana: Would you like me to fabricate one piece of blue cloth from your mystic turban?
  • Player: Yes Irmana: Here you are!

We hope this tip will be useful to you!

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