TIP: Large Seashell


Around tibia we can find several objects with which we can interact by clicking on them, such as chests or bureaus that give us items that are obtained when carrying out some quests or specific missions, this time we will talk about the Large Seashells, an object that does not belong to no quests but if you’re lucky, clicking it may drop a Giant Shimmering Pearl! This is mainly found in areas like Calassa, Sea Serpent or Krailos, but in the case of Sea Serpents or Calassa access is needed, and in Krailos it can be dangerous for low-level characters.

Here we will show you a safe location where you can find a Large Seashell, as well as the recommendations when using this item to obtain your Giant Shimmering Pearls!


Head to the town of Issavi and walk to the bathhouse that is south of the ship. That’s how simple you will find a closed Large Seashell.

Click it, hopefully it will give you a Giant Shimmering Pearl and you will see a message in orange that says “You found a beautiful pearl.”, But be careful! The pearl will not appear in your backpack, it will be lying under your char, so check well before you go.

Sometimes the Large Seashell will not give you anything and you will see the message “Nothing is inside.”, And it can also happen that the clam only bites you with which it will lower you less than 200 points of life, so be careful when you go looking for your Giant Shimmering Pearls.

The Large Seashells closes again after 10 minutes but you can reopen it after 20 hours. As a bonus, when you get 100 pearls for opening them, you will receive the achievement “Shell Seeker”!

We hope this tip will be useful to you!

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