TIP: Blooming Griffinclaw


The Blooming Griffinclaw is part of the Druid Outfit Quest, a sample of the Griffinclaw can be extracted using a Botanist’s Container on it, it shows that it conforms to one of the items that are needed for the second addon of the Druid Outfit, but this flower has the peculiarity that it rarely blooms and is dry most of the time. We can find it at the top of the Nargor mountains, an island that is inhabited by many pirates who can get in the way when looking for this flower, so in this tip we will show you the easiest way to check if the Griffinclaw has flourished in your world!


To begin with, it is necessary to have access to the island of Meriana, since only from there you can travel to Nargor. You should head a bit south-east of the DP and talk to Captain Waverider, tell him hi / peg leg / yes to transport you to Meriana.

Once you get to Meriana, a few steps from the raft you will see Sebastian, talk to him to take you to Nargor saying hi / Nargor / yes.

As soon as you reach the island of Nargor, walk south and you will see two large stones on the top of the mountain, if the Griffinclaw has flowered you will see a portion of it under the stone on the right side, otherwise it means that it didn’t flourish.

Blooming Griffinclaw is known to appear approximately every 28 – 30 days, so if you know how to constantly check the island you can get an idea of ​​when it may appear in your world.

We hope this tip will be useful to you!

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