About us

We are a new fansite formed by some old school players who love this game and want to bring you the magic of tibia so you can dive into a huge adventure with us.

We decided to found this fansite with the objective of helping the Tibian community with some advice and small guides, to improve the experience within the game, both new and old players.

We also have sections focused on Daily Tip of the day, decoration, games,quests, fanatics photos, achievements, imbuiments, bestiary, interviews, contests, outfit and mounts, all vocations spells and articles;

We firmly believe that these enrich the community and the union between players.

Tibia Tips Staff

Administrator, owner of Tibia Tips, content creator, social media life and i speak several multiple language ( translator) and an old school player. Instagram: @fyori60 and @tibia_tips

The master site administrator, content creator and translator. Instragram @fyori60 and @tibia_tips

Content creator, social media life, administrator and graphic designer. Instagram: @la.rose.charlover

Administrator, content manager, social media life and decorator. Instagram @flaakcherry_

Translator and content creator. Instagram @tibia_tips

Sponsor. Instagram: @camireseller / @camitibiana