These articles can spoil important game data, which could ruin your adventure and fun, we advise you to leave if you do not want this.

Estos artículos pueden estropear datos importantes del juego, lo que podría arruinar tu aventura y diversión, te recomendamos que te vayas si no quieres esto.

Esses artigos podem estragar dados importantes do jogo, o que pode arruinar sua aventura e diversão, recomendamos que você saia se não quiser.

Mainland Quests

Quests Level Required
Access to Goroma
Adventures of Galthen Quest
Aspiring Oracle and Wanted
(Update Kilmaresh Quest)
Black Knight Quest
Barbarian Test Quest
Blessed Wooden Stake Quest
Friends and Traders Quest
Gray Island Access
Halloween Event
Hot Cuisine Quest
Meriana Access Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest Access
The Ape City Quest
The Emperor’s Cookies Quest
The Lightbearer
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
The Thieves Guild Quest