Games Rules

Our games are inspired by classic games but with our own style and focused on TIBIA to relax and have fun, thats why we encourage the community with some tibiacoins through a raffle. We clarify that we do not own any game or raffle mechanic, it is only a path for our objective which is to unite the community and have fun.

a)The games will be published on this page and announced on our instagram, on Mondays and Thursdays as in two hours before the server save and will be there untill the other server save (so do you have more than 24 hours to answer the games);

b) If you dont give your answer until the server save from the other day, you wont be able to participate in the roulette;

c) The seasons will be done by three weeks and the draw on Saturdays;

d) Each season will consist in six games;

e) Participants must perform 5 activities correctly or otherwise they will not participate in the roulette;

F) The winners will be shown in a video spinning a roulette wheel.

G) Write your character name with the answer!

Note: Use a computer for send us the answers.(some users report us they have problems with the cellphone).

Points Table!


Four winners evrey three weeks!

1) 50 tibia coins

2) 50 tibia coins

3) 50 tibia coins

4) 25 tibia coins